Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Zoo!!

We went to the Zoo today in Asheboro. We met Grandma, Alison, Josh & Jake there. It was HOT and the boys did great and we had so much fun!!
Jacob was checking out the Elephants!!
Jake & Jacob resting on the bench.
Jacob taking a break..
Jake giving Jacob hugs while he was laying down to rest. Jacob is lucky to have such a sweet Cousin.
Jake and his Daddy (Josh) riding the Carousel at the Zoo. Jacob fell asleep and missed out on the fun.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sprinkler Fun!!

It was really HOT today so we picked up a fun sprinkler!! Jacob was not so sure at first when it was turned on all the way and the spraying parts were going crazy so we turned it down to just enough to get water to come out and he liked that much more. He wanted to have control over the water!!

Strawberry Picking!!

Jacob & I went this morning to pick Strawberries!! We had a blast!! He did great and carried our basket the entire time...

He helped me spot the good ones...

He would let me pick them but I had to hand them to him so he could put them in the basket.

It didn't take me long to realize why... he wanted to taste them before they went in the basket!!

He managed to eat a couple of them before we were done picking.

After each bite he would say "yummm"

This was much more fun than buying strawberries in Harris Teeter! We will have to take Daddy with us next time we go!!

4/17/09- Happy 5th Anniversary!!

Our 5th Anniversary was last weekend so we left Jacob with Grandma and took off to the beach for a long weekend. We went on a Gambling Boat, played miniature Golf and hit the arcade a few times and checked out a few piers. It was overall a great weekend!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We went to Asheboro for Easter. The Easter Bunny had no problems finding Jacob and left plenty of goodies...

After Church and Jacob's nap, we let him hunt for Easter Eggs. I don't think he totally got it this year but he did have fun!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Discovery Place

Today Matt had to work and I had the day off for Easter so Poppy & I took Jacob to Discovery Place this morning.

Playing with the building blocks was his favorite part.

Poppy & Jacob checking out the rainforest.


Mommy & Jacob checking out the Dinosaurs

Poppy helping Jacob try to touch the starfish.

Poppy breaking the rules and let Jacob pick up the Starfish.

Playing in the steam tornado...

Poppy & Jacob were both worn out and ready to go home for naps...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dirty Clothes

I have a bad habit of putting things that need to go up stairs on the stairs until I go up next and take them with me- this includes dirty clothes or dishtowels (Our laundry room is upstairs)

This morning- I brought Jacob's clothes downstairs and got him dressed while he was watching Blue's Clues. After I took his PJ's off and laid them on the floor he promptly got up and took his shirt over to the stairs and tossed it a couple of stairs up. Then he proceeded to do the same with his bottoms.

Such a smart boy. He knows exaclty where dirtly clothes that are downstairs go!! (Momma will take them up eventually)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sand & Water = FUN!!!

We saved the money Jacob received for Christmas to wait and buy him some outdoor toys this summer. We went last night and picked out a Sand/Water table and it is a BIG hit. Jacob loves it.

Daddy helping him get started. When he first touched the sand he didn't know what to think but quickly realized that it was ok to play with it.

Playing in the Backyard

We had a great afternoon playing in the back yard!!

Look at me running down the hill.... weeeeeeeee!!!

Resting in Daddy's chair