Sunday, August 31, 2008

Look at me!!

I can do this all by myself. We do not have a gate for our open staircase to the basement so Jacob does not have open access to the house. He plays in the front living room and hall but the gate keeps him from being near the stairs in the family room.

He loves standing up and will pull up on anything. He is starting to take steps while holding on to the couch and such.

Bath Time

I really liked this first picture but for some reason it will only post sideways.. (not sure why)

In this next picture you can see his top two teeth coming in. The one on the left has broken though the skin. Hopefully not too much longer on the other one!!


We hauled Jacob all over this weekend and he was great of course. So we just had to get him a new toy since he was stuck in the car driving to/from Michigan. He picked out this cute toy and had a blast playing with it when we finally got home from Michigan before falling asleep at 5:30 pm. I guess he was worn out!

We will have pictures up from our visit to Michigan once some of our wonderful friends send us some as we forgot our camera!! We had a blast!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Firecracker!

Jacob is non-stop from the time his eyes open in the morning until they close at night. This is a prime example of our days. We have so much fun with my little firecracker!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Jacob gave me kisses this week.

I was laying on the floor with him and he climbed up on me, opened his mouth real wide then patted me on the shoulder twice with his mouth.

Awh..... That really melted my heart!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Allen County Fair

Today we ventured to the Allen County Fair and a great time was had by all. Jacob enjoyed seeing all the animals. Next year (hopefully not Allen County) will be more fun when Jacob is a bit older and can enjoy more things! But this year, he was content watching all the people!!

The Bunnies were his favorite (I think b/c they are the same size as Charlie Cat)

Jacob helped Dad & Mom feed the animals at the Petting Zoo.

Pulling Up

Jacob is now pulling up all the way to his feet. He did it the first time last night when I was laying on the floor with him. He used me to stand up (without me helping) and this morning he has pulled up on the couch several times.

He also has a runny nose and has been sleeping horrible the last few nights. I'm hoping that he will cut these teeth soon as I think they are the culprit of at least the poor sleeping!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

9 months

Jacob is 9 months today and a lot has changed since last month...

-He is crawling very well

-He now has 2 teeth

-He can pull up to his knees

-He can go from laying dow to sitting up on his own

-He had a successful experience with table food tonight (mashed potatoes w/ gravy)

Below are his recent pictures that were taken at 8.5 months. We had aimed at getting them done at 6 months but between being sick, traveling, etc. we just got around to it a few weeks ago. (YES grandparents, yours will be in the mail in the next few days)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More weekend fun

Yesterday, we went to the Neil Armstrong museum (which is about 20 min from our house) and after that we found a fair in St. Marys, OH so we thought we see what was going on there and get a funnel cake.

Jacob eating dinner at the fair while trying to watch everything going on around him.

Playing with the Ball Popper! This toy is SO much fun!!

More Saturday Morning

Just a few more pictures from our Saturday morning in our PJ's.

I'm really ready for my morning nap!!

Look Closely- You can see my 2 bottom teeth. Hopefully my next 2 will come in soon.

Charlie Cat

Jacob LOVES his Charlie Cat. He will choose Charlie Cat over me or Matt any day. Charlie Cat will let Jacob pet him and even grab a handful of fur. We are still working on being "gentle" when petting him. Charlie is really helping Jacob work on his crawling as he chases him around the living room. Abby Cat on the other hand, doesn't come near Jacob.


While Grandpa George is here for the weekend we are getting good use out of his camera. Here Jacob is playing with his new walk along/ ride on toy. These were taken BEFORE he fell off it. We didn't get any of the crying that came next!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Jacob showed his first signs of jealously this week. He is very good about going to strange people and that does not bother him at all. He recently spent the night with his Grandmother, then my brother (who he has only seen twice) picked him up to bring him to me in Charlotte. No problems- he didn't cry going to my brother or any during the drive back to Charlotte. He goes to the sitters house while I'm at work- no problems. Our sitter was on vacation so he stayed with a different sitter for a week- no problems.

Now it is a different story if HIS mom tries to pick up another baby. I was picking him up at the sitters one day this week and Owen (around 18 months) had fallen over so I bent down to make sure he was ok and he put his arms out that he wanted to be picked up. So of course, I picked him up and was going to give him to the sitter (Jacob was sitting in her lap). Jacob SCREAMED bloody murder. He did not like me picking up Owen one bit. As soon as I switched Owen for Jacob with the sitter- he was happy again.

I hate to say it but that really made me smile!!

Grandpa George is coming to visit for the weekend so we should have some fun pictures to post this weekend!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Jacob (along with Mommy & Daddy) is SO ready for the house to be finished so we don't have to spend every weekend working on it. We did have some time for some fun this weekend (between cutting the grass and finishing up the kitchen/dining room) Although now that he can crawl it makes containing him a bit more challenging!

Watch me grow!!

Jacob & Webster at 8 1/2 months.