Thursday, November 15, 2012

5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday!!  I can't believe he is 5.  Matt has a new job that required him to be out of town on his birthday (he got home around 8 pm) so it was just Jacob & I.  We woke up greeted by Birthday Balloons.  

 We then called daddy on Facetime so he could see him open his presents!  Jacob didn't want to wait until that night when Matt made it home.  Matt saved one special present to give him when he got home.

We played with his new toys before school.  We took cookies to school for the afternoon snack. Jacob said he wanted me to come to snack time too.  I enjoyed spending the time at school and seeing all his friends sing happy birthday to him.

Jacob had his 5 year check up today. 
Height- 43 inches (50%)
Weight- 37.8 lbs (25%)
Best part of the doctor visit was NO Shots!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Boone, NC

We drove up to Boone yesterday to see the fall leaves and watch Bailey play volleyball against ASU.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Festival Fun

Thursday night and Friday, Jacob was sick with a 104 degree fever.  But he woke up Saturday feeling much better so Sunday we went to check out the Fall Festival on Sunday.   We had a wonderful time and they had all sorts of fun stuff to do.

 We did our first corn maze with Jacob.  He had so much fun.  Although both him and Matt didn't think it was too fun to wait for mom as they both took off into the maze.
 They had a few animals to pet... a cow, pigs and a donkey.  Jacob petted them all.

He even rode a horse.  He loved it.

They had a little cow train that pulled about 8 or so cars behind the tractor.

Jacob always ask to get his face painted whenever we see it but has never gotten more than a small thing on his face.  This time he got a full face paint of Iron Man.  He sat so patiently while his face was painted.  Matt let me have the fun time of removing it when we got home- which he was just as patient.

He rode the pedal carts!!

He picked out a huge pumpkin.  They said they had a bad crop of pumpkins this year so they had brought in pumpkins for the festival... so the pickings were really slim but he still managed to find one that would work for him.

Thankfully it was warm as he soaked himself with the duck races!!

His favorite park of the festival was the huge bales of hay that he can climb, run and jump on!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


I had to go to Austria for work.  I spend 3 days outside of Graz working and then 1 day sightseeing in Vienna.  Vienna was absoutely beautiful!!  I now want to go to Europe for vacation. 
Schoenbrunn Palace

Subway/Train.  We rode out to Schoenbrunn Palace.

Lunch at Nashmarket.  It was yummy.  We ate outside for every meal while in Austria except at the hotel or the plant.

Opera House

St. Stephen's Cathederal.

Not sure what this building is but it was pretty.

Sidewalk Cafe in Center City.  We took a break for Coffee/Hot Chocolate.

Center City at night.

Opera House at night.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


We had a wonderful time on our cruise.  Uncle Matt and my friend Natalie and her husband came too!!  Here are a few pictures from the recent trip!!


Jacob was finally tall enough for the big water slides on the ship.  He was not one bit scared!!  Yes he went down this yellow one!!

We LOVED Half Moon Cay!!!  The beach and the water was wonderful!!