Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day

We got a lot of sleet and a little bit of snow... Jacob came down with a virus last night and proceeded to throw up twice in the car before I could get him home, once more in the great room and again in bed last night. He was running a slight fever today but I had to let him go outside even if it was just for 5 min. We sled to the mailbox and back twice.

We also used this snowy day to Skype with the Yia-Yia and are going to try Granddad tonight after dinner.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend in Greenville

Dad, Jacob and I went to Greenville for the weekend to visit Matt. While we were there we went down to Campus to let Jacob run around and take some pictures! We had a great weekend!!

Playdate in Asheboro

Matt and I normally do very well managing our work travel schedules so that we don't have to ask for help too often. Last week we needed help. Jacob went to Asheboro to spend a few days with Yia-Yia while I went to Toronto and Matt was on the road for a few overnights.

They had a blast and did all kinds of fun stuff, including a playdate.

Thanks Yia-Yia for helping out last week!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Potty Time!!

I had not planned on starting to Potty Train Jacob until he was good and ready. Last night we were playing downstairs and he begun to stink- I asked him if he "pooped" he said yes. So I told him to go upstairs so I could change him. He ran straight to his bathroom and said "go poop" I thought he already had... once I checked him and he was clean, I realized that he wanted to sit on the potty. Since I was completely unprepared for this... he got to sit on the big potty while I held him so he wouldn't fall in.

He never went potty... but I figured it was time to go buy a "potty". He picked out a "Frog" potty and we tried it out before going to bed. NOTHING... and he was upset that he couldn't pee.

This morning as soon as I got him out of the bed, we went to try again. This time as soon as I took his diaper off... he begun to pee everywhere. After it hit the floor, I aimed him correctly and he successfully peed in the potty!! He was SO excited!!

I'm not sure if we are on to something or not... but I won't discourage him if he want to get out of these diapers!!