Friday, July 27, 2007


We got the crib put together tonight! It looks really good. The dresser has also arrived but we haven't put it together yet. The nursery is really starting to look good!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

1 lb 9 oz

We had another ultrasound today to check the size of the baby. He is 1 lb 9 oz and is measuring 1 week ahead of schedule in all areas! We are going to have a big baby!! Matt requested them to check the gender again and he is ALL BOY!!

I feel pretty good. I feel like I am actually starting to gain some weight. I am eating all of the time. I have an appointment next week with the nurses to set up some blood work.

The second set of pictures are a bit blurry but it is a 4D shot of his face! Isn't he SO CUTE (looks just like his daddy)!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beach Trip

Matt had his weekly beach trip fishing with the guys. So I took advantage of that and went to the beach too with his mom and one of her friends. We had a great time relaxing under the sun and doing some shopping.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Doctor Appointment Today

Today's doctor appointment went well. I am measuring big for how far along I am so the doctor ordered another ultrasound for 2 weeks to check the baby's size. The heartrate was in the 150's and everything looked good. Matt thinks we are going to have a football player on our hands.

I passed a kidney stone a few weeks ago so they are sending me for a Ultrasound of my kidneys on Thursday to check to see if I have any other stones.

I have only gained 1 lb since my last appointment. We are at least going in the right direction. I'm still below where I started! That is hard to believe if you were to see how much I eat!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

21 Weeks 1 Day

This is the current "belly shot" from today. I think that now that I've quit vomitting, I might actually start gaining some weight. I have my next doctor appointment on Tuesday. It will have been 5 weeks since my last appointment and I'm hoping that I have gained back some of the 8 lbs that I had previously lost.

This weekend has been tons of fun. We drove to Fort Wayne, IN yesterday to go to Babies R Us to set up our registry. It was so much fun!! Today we have been working on getting the house cleaned up and I've got to start unpacking a few additional boxes that we put in the basement then didn't mess with so we can put the guest room bed downstairs to make room for the baby. We also took some goodies to Goodwill and I hope to drop off a few more things once I start working on the basement boxes.

Matt "officially" starts his new job tomorrow although it will take a bit of time until he is fully transitioned into the new position. He is extrememly excited. We got his home office set up today. It's interesting how a new baby and both of us working from home takes up so much space in the house.

We think Matt felt the baby kick today for the first time today. He was so excited to be able to feel our son kick!!

Finally an ultrasound picture to post

Here is the ultrasound picture from June 15th! I finally found the time to upload it today.