Thursday, November 15, 2012

5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday!!  I can't believe he is 5.  Matt has a new job that required him to be out of town on his birthday (he got home around 8 pm) so it was just Jacob & I.  We woke up greeted by Birthday Balloons.  

 We then called daddy on Facetime so he could see him open his presents!  Jacob didn't want to wait until that night when Matt made it home.  Matt saved one special present to give him when he got home.

We played with his new toys before school.  We took cookies to school for the afternoon snack. Jacob said he wanted me to come to snack time too.  I enjoyed spending the time at school and seeing all his friends sing happy birthday to him.

Jacob had his 5 year check up today. 
Height- 43 inches (50%)
Weight- 37.8 lbs (25%)
Best part of the doctor visit was NO Shots!!