Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jacob versus The Door

The door won!! Jacob was taking his dirty diaper over to the trash bag (hangs on the door knob) and he tripped and fell and hit is head on the corner of the door.

He cried... a lot.

It happened this morning (picture taken before bed tonight)- I'm guessing it will look worse before it gets better.

Monday, May 18, 2009

18 Month Check Up

Jacob had his 18 month Check-Up this morning and everything looks good!!

Weight- 22.6 lbs (10%)
Height- 32 inches (45%)
Head Width- 19 3/4 inches (95%)

His vocabulary is expanding day by day. He can say the following words...
1. Mommy
2. Daddy
3. Bottle
4. Abby
5. Charlie
6. Baby
7. Poppy
8. Ball
9. Hot Dog
10. Dog
11. Yia-Yia (aka Grandma)
12. Waffle
13. Cookie
14. Scooby Doo

I'm sure that I am missing a few...

  • Jacob loves to play outside, going for wagon rides, playing with his ball and going down the slide (head first).
  • He has 12 teeth so far with a few more trying to break through.
  • He only uses his passy for naps and bedtime.
  • He eats a lot of Chicken Nuggets but also loves Green Beans and Lima Beans.
  • He loves shoes. He even occasionally needs to sleep with them- clinched tightly by his little fist.
  • He is still a great sleeper and goes to bed very easily.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Jacob & I went to Carowinds for a few hours this morning and we had a blast!! I didn't take my camera but did take a few pictures with my cell phone.

Jacob really loves the balloons- We rode it even though it makes mommy want to puke!!

This is by far Jacob's FAVORITE ride!! He LOVES the cars. He enjoys driving the cars and beeping the horn!!

Here Jacob is driving me!!

We also rode the Helicopters.

Jacob picked out a very cool horse to ride on...

We will head back next weekend when the water park opens to check that out!! We can't wait!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day today. After a good family breakfast, we headed to Greensboro to meet Matt's mom for a picnic and check out Greensboro's Children's Museum.

The picnic area at the museum had a tractor for Jacob to check out.

The had a Under 2 year old area that Jacob has SO much fun playing in...

Jacob got to sit in a race car.

They had a airplane that Jacob could climb up and go in then slide down the slide. He was so brave and came down head first.

He got to sit in a Police Car...

and a Fire Truck!!

They had a construction area where he got to play with dump trucks!!

They had a Doctor Office area where Jacob was able to pretend he worked at the front desk.

He was able to care for a baby while at the doctor's office. He was so sweet and gentle with the baby as he gave her the bottle.

We also visited the Post Office and Jacob was able to test out a Mail Truck and deliver some mail.
Jacob and Daddy were also able to play on a train.
Jacob and Yia-Yia played with the trains.

This Museum was SO much fun!! I was impressed with how much stuff Jacob was to experience. This was by far the best place we have visited yet. We had such a wonderful Family Day!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Under Contract!!

Our house in Ohio is under contract!! As long as all goes well with the home inspection, we should close early June!!