Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tiger World

Jacob and I went to Tiger World this weekend!!  He loved it!  We got to see a lot of tigers plus a ton of other animals.  

He didn't like walking from one exhibit the one right next door.  He would rather zig zag across the filed!!

 He loved watching the baboon's.  They were eating when we got there.  He thought was funny to watch him eat corn on the cob!!  Jacob recently ate it for first time too!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Jacob is starting T-Ball in a few weeks.  We got all his supplies this weekend and took him to the park to see how he did... much better than expected!!!

First Black Eye

Jacob got his first black eye a few weeks ago at school.  They were hitting blocks (why I'm not sure) and he took a block to the eye.  He ended up with a pretty good shinner. 

Spider Man

Jacob got to meet Spider Man.  He come home from school telling me that Spider Man was going to be at the baseball game and we must go!!!  Once I confirmed when he was going to be there... we went and Jacob loved it.  Spider Man ran out on the field once and then Jacob got to meet him and get his picture taken!!  He LOVED it!!