Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trains, Trains & More Trains!!

Jacob and I went to Toys R Us tonight and he got to pick out a new toy. He picked out TRAINS!! He was SO excited to get home and get them set up. I guess I need to start searching
Craig's List for a train table- I think that would be better than the carpet!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

OHIO Update

We finally closed on the house in Ohio today!! It has been a long road but we are so happy to see that chapter finally come to an end!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Jacob loves Airplanes!! We were at Carowinds on Friday evening and every time a plane flew over Jacob screamed with delight!! He went nuts!! So Matt had the idea to take him to the airport to watch some planes.

Saturday morning we went out to the airport to a little overlook on the back side of the airport to let Jacob watch the planes land and take off. It was a hit he loved it!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Allergic Reaction

Yesterday when I picked Jacob up from daycare his left ear was slightly red and swollen. So I watched him overnight. I didn't see anything obivious wrong with his ear. This morning when he got up his ear was about 4 times the size as normal and the redness was heading up his head so we headed to the doctor to get checked out. After the doctor's initial shock when she walked in the room and checked him out she was fairly certain there was very tiny bug bite on the top of his ear that she could see with her light and magnifying glass!!

So we left with some steroids and benedryl and hoping the swelling goes down soon!!

This was his right ear this morning (normal)

And this was his swollen left ear. I didn't take the pictures for the purpose of posting on the blog or I would have used my camera. They were intended to send to Matt via my cell phone since he is traveling this week.

Poor little guy!! I drugged him up and sent him back to daycare.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

For the 4th we headed down for a long weekend to Alabama to visit family and had a great visit!! Jacob got to spend a lot of time playing with his cousins and we got to spend a lot of time relaxing and spending time with Matt's cousins and family and of course eating some great food!!!

Jake, Jacob, Emma & Ross

Jake & Jacob
The Family... It was hard to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera and both younger kids paying attention!!

The Summerell's

Jacob and his Yia-Yia

Boys in the Pool

The boys had a great time playing in the baby pool!! They are so sweet and kind to each other and really get along great!!

Swimming in the River!!

We took the kids out of the boat to go swimming!!

Jake was excited to go out but was not a fan of the water...

Jacob loved riding on the boat!!

AND loved swimming in the river!!

We all had a good time swimming...

Playing with the Cousin's

Jacob had a fun time playing with Emma, Ross & Jake!!

Playing on the slide at Uncle Nicky's

Jacob loved having a swingset in the backyard to play on any time he wanted!!

He could climb up the tall ladder all by himself and was fearless when coming down the slide.

Georgia Aquarium

Thursday on our way down to Alabama for the 4th we stopped at the Georgia Aquarium. Jacob loved the fish but it was WAY too crowded and it was hard for him to see anything. We had fun but not really worth it!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009