Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fun aboard the ship

We had so much fun no matter where we were on the ship. Jacob LOVED dancing wiht the waiters at dinner.
He tested out his lifejackt and even had his face painted like a pirate.
At dinner, our waiter made him a hat out of a napkin.
As you can see, he REALLY loved the towel animals in our room every night.
Dancing again... he took every opportunity to get up and dance. They did a congo line one night and he was the first one in the line ready to go!!
He ate brownies every.single.night for desert.
We had some wonderful table mates and Jacob had a buddy to eat/play with every night.
At camp, he got dressed up like a bunny! He even got to color his new shirt!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jacob on the slide

I forgot Jacob's video on the other post and it would not let me add it.

Waterslides on the ship = Lots of fun for ALL

We all LOVED the waterslides on the ship. They had a few slides that Jacob could do and some big slides that Matt & I enjoyed.

A video of me going down a slide and one of Jacob!!

Cruise Vacation!!

We had a great time on our recent Cruise vacation!! Tropical Storm Maria gave us a bit of a headache but in the end we ended up going to all of our scheduled stops.
As you can see above, Jacob enjoyed eating some fruit loops (his first time eating cereal with milk and a spoon) for breakfast prior to heading out at our first stop in Nassau.
We scheduled a snorkeling trip. Jacob posed with the Frog while we were waiting.
Jacob posing on the Catamaran testing out his flippers.
Hmm.. Snorkel? He tested it out but in the end he choose not to use it.
Look at the fishie!!
Jacob did great swimming with his flippers.

On the stairs of the Cataramaran.
Resting after snorkeling.
Heading back to the ship after a fun day in Nassau.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My little daredevil

Jacob is all boy and fearless!!