Thursday, September 17, 2009


Jacob got kicked out of daycare on Monday at lunch due to being sick. He is not allowed to return until 24 hours symptom free.

Tuesday we went to the doctor- It was just a virus and not the dreaded flu.

Wednesday- he was symptom free. Poppy came over until lunch to watch him so I could get some work done. He took a great 3 hour nap and woke up just prior to my one conference call scheduled for that afternoon. It was scheduled for 30 min so I figured I could entertain him with Dora. He did great for the first 45 min- laying in the loft outside my office door watching cartoons. Then he wanted to come play in my office. The last 45 of the call were rough. In the end... full access to the paper in my copier and a pencil did the trick. He not so quietly played for a bit. Everyone on the call heard him when I had to unmute my phone to speak but all in all he did great considering that the planned 30 min call ended up lasting 1.5 hours.

Thursday- He is back at daycare this morning!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Jacob had his first sleepover at Poppy's house alone on Friday night. I dropped him off around 5:30 pm after work and picked him up at 10:00 on Saturday morning.

They had so much fun... the played on the slide & swing, went for a walk around the neighborhood. Jacob went to bed great and slept wonderful!! Saturday morning they got up and went to McDonalds to get some pancakes and to the toy store to pick out a new toy. They also played outside some too.

Jacob did great and they both had SO much fun!! Jacob can't wait to do it again!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sports Connection

This morning we took Jacob to Sports Connection to play on the inflatables. I'm not sure who had more fun... him or Matt?

So brave going down the slide himself...

Which one next daddy?

This is SO much fun!!


Jacob even got a bloody lip that didn't stop him. I wipped off the blood and he kept going!!

Rock Band

While we were at Uncle Matt's over the weekend, Jacob discovered the drums!! He was jamming!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


We are in Greenville for the weekend to see ECU vs ASU. We got out to the stadium around 8:30 am to hangout and cook lunch!! We had a great time!!

We went to the game with Steve, Nikki, Stevie and Mrs. Braune. Stevie was decked out in her ASU gear!!

Matt enjoyed giving Stevie some lovin...
Jacob playing games...

Uncle Matt playing with Jacob.

We had a great day. Jacob did wonderful. Jacob & I left at the beginning of the 4th Quarter b/c he was HOT and completely worn out. We went to the car, turned on the AC and he fell asleep in about 5 min. Overall, Jacob's first College Football Game was a success.
And.... ECU WON!!!