Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Boy LOVES Showers!!

Jacob has figured out that he loves taking a shower. It just shows how much he is growing up!! I'm not sure that I'm ready for him to grow up but showers are SO much quicker than a bath!! He does great at washing his own hair.

And he does great washing himself... I do think I need to get him his own loofah that is a bit smaller and NOT pink :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Group shot of the kids... Ross, Emma & Jacob! We missed seeing Jake this year!!

Water fun!!

Jacob enjoys anything that involves the water!! He was fearless when it came to the water sports!!

Jumping off the boat. No one needed to catch him... he would climb right up on the boat and come flying off!
As you can see... he loved swimming!

Jacob went down a few days early with Yia-Yia and I was a bit surprised when she called and told us that he had been tubing. He had so much fun! I rode with him, as did Matt and Yia-Yai. Below he is riding with Emma.

He liked the tube but the banana was his favorite. Here are a few pictures of his first ride with Ross.

He started out very cautious...

Getting a bit braver... beginning to ride with no hands.

Fearless... No hands while standing!!

July 4th Weekend- Alabama

We went down to Alabama for our yearly trip for the 4th to Uncle Nicky's. We had a great trip as usual! Jacob had so much fun. He went fishing several times a day with Uncle Nicky. They would fish both from the dock and the fishing boat.

Jacob was the official cricket picker uper. He would get it out and hand it to Uncle Nicky and then Uncle Nicky would put it on the hook for him.

They went through several hundred crickets. Each time they needed to go to the marina to get more, Jacob would walk up to the counter and put the bucket up there and tell the person that he wanted 100 crickets!!

One of many fishes that were caught...

Jacob and Uncle Nicky would go out on the fishing boat early every morning. Ross spent the night one night so he could go with them. They had so much fun and I got to go back to bed :)