Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picture Update

Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Grandpa George feeding Jacob a bottle.

Playing with Jacob.

Jacob playing in his Jumper- This usually entertains him so we can actually eat dinner together. You can see his left eye is glossy from the pink eye meds. I think in the picture it looks like he has sweet potatoes up his nose (Dad and Grandpa George fed him while I went shopping)

I will be riding in a 50 mile bike ride this summer for work so Matt thought we needed to buy some bikes so I could get ready for it. So we bought Jacob a seat for the back of the bike and a helmet. I think we will wait a few weeks before we take Jacob out to let him grow into his helmet and get used to wearing it.

This weekend we will be going to North Carolina to see Grandma and Poppy. Jacob will be spending Thursday and Friday night with Grandma while I work then we will be spending Saturday/Sunday with my dad before flying home on Sunday night! Its going to be a busy weekend- Then I fly to Maryland for the day on Monday....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weight update

I forgot to add- Jacob was 15 lbs 13 oz at the doctors on Friday.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pink Eye

Yep! Jacob has pink eye. His eye had a bit of crust on it this morning and just didn't look right and my first thought was Pink Eye (I've had my fair share of it) so after debating with Matt whether I should call the doctor- I made the decision to take him in just in case since it was Friday. I called our sitter to see if any of the other kids had pink eye- Nope. By the time we got to our 10:30am appointment there was goobs of green junk coming from his eye. No question he had pink eye. We started the medicine this afternoon and at least by tomorrow afternoon he will no longer be contagious. I just hope Matt & I don't get it. I've got to be in Alabama on Monday to do benefits enrolment meetings for 300 employees. I don't think my welcome to the company should be giving them pink eye!

Even with having pink eye- Jacob is very happy. You would never know anything was bothering him (minus the green gunk coming out of his eye) But I did have a wonderful Friday playing with Jacob (I didn't get much work done though)

Grandpa George is here this weekend so hopefully I will have some good pictures from the weekend to put up.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Jacob LOVES playtime!! He (& Matt) took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. They got up at 5:30am to play this morning (I got to sleep in). After his nap, he was ready to play!

As you can see from the pictures... His forehead is looking MUCH better!!
The weather was nice on Friday so we played outside for a few minutes. Our neighbors have a swing set (with a baby swing) on the side of the house right next to our property line and they have offered to let us use it anytime. It's for their grandkids so it's not used on a daily basis. Jacob LOVED swinging!! I didn't have the camera with me and the weather has been not favorable to play outside the rest of the weekend. It is going to warm back up this week so hopefully we can go play outside one evening this week and take some pictures!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Jacob got his first "ouchie" yesterday at the sitters. Morgan (little girl at the sitters) was playing peek-a-boo with Jacob and tried to kiss him when they accidently bumped heads. Morgan's teeth got Jacob on the forehead and Morgan ended up with a busted lip. Matt showed up to get him about 30 seconds after it happened and he stoped crying. He was his normal happy self when we got up this morning.

It looks worse in this picutre than it looked this morning.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Jacob tried carrots tonight and they were a HUGE hit. At one point I had walked across the kitchen to get something and when I looked back at him he was leaned over licking the carrots off of the highchair table where they has spilled. Unfortunately I wasn't able to grab the camera for that shot.

The weather was has been very nice the past few days... We even took a stroller ride in the neighborhood Saturday afternoon. I wanted to take Jacob to the park to swing but I've been sick since Friday so I didn't feel up to it. I thought I was feeling better tonight until I attempted to eat dinner. I haven't been able to eat much all weekend but I have managed to loose 12 lbs. I guess there is some benefit to being sick. I'm just hopeful that Jacob does not catch the stomach bug that I've had!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jacob Rolled

Jacob has been trying VERY hard to roll over from back to tummy- well he finally figured it out this morning and I got the 1st one on Video!! YAY Jacob!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yummy Feet

Jacob is really enjoying his feet.

Eating Pictures

See Jacob is really starting to enjoy his food!! We really do own bibs (see it on the back of the highchair) but he eats right before getting in his pj's so I don't bother!


Jacob is starting to get the hang of it. I don't think he was fully ready the first time we tired Rice Cereal. We have since tired it a few times and last night was the first time that he seemed to understand what is was all about. I think he actually ate some versus spitting it back out.

If I waited too long to offer him some more he would open his mouth real WIDE and wait for me to put the spoon back in. Unfortunately I was home by myself with him so I didn't have a chance to grab the camera and take a picture. We have a very small window of time when he is awake once we get him from the sitters so I needed to take full advantage of that time to get him fed, changed, bottle and ready to fall asleep.

He usually is asleep by 6pm. We usually let him nap in the swing for an hour or 2 then give him his final bottle and put him to bed.

I'm actually not traveling this week so it has been nice to spend all week with Jacob and Matt. Next week is still up in the air if I will be required to attend a meeting in SC or not.